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ChiralTek Pte Ltd is a Singapore-registered high-tech company with strong R&D background in the field of high-resolution chiral separations and high-throughput automatic sample preparations. The R&D team and technical support team are composed of professors and experts from world-class universities. The branch company ChiralTek (Wuhan) Pte Ltd can conveniently provide our services in China. A comprehensive partnership with a Canadian high-tech company PromoChrom Technologies Ltd has been recently established. PromoChrom helps us provide services in North America.

Our business focuses on providing innovative solutions for efficient chiral separations and sample preparations. At present, ChiralTek manufactures the following six series of novel chiral columns for chiral separations in HPLC, SFC, and UPLC: Amylose-immobilized ChiralAM columns, Cyclodextrin-immobilized ChiralCD columns, Cellulose-immobilized ChiralCE columns, Amylose-appended Cyclodextrin-immobilized ChiralAMCD columns, Amylose-appended Cellulose-immobilized ChiralAMCE columns, and Cellulose-appended Cyclodextrin-immobilized ChiralCECD columns. The ChiralAMCD, ChiralAMCE, and ChiralCECD columns are firstly designed and produced by ChiralTek via immobilizing proprietary complex selectors containing two different chiral recognition moieties. ChiralTek is the pioneer in producing the first type of positive-pressure solid phase extraction PSPE instruments which can completely eliminate cross-over contaminations. We also manufacture a multiple functional analyzer MFA and a fully-automated sample preparation station f-SPE. A new type of ultra-high performance extraction UPE cartridge is recently produced by ChiralTek to conveniently achieve high-efficient sample treatments for complicated samples. A novel type of HLE series of universal SPE cartridges have been developed by ChiralTek for convenient and high-performance sample preparations through working with PSPE, MFA, f-SPE , or other automated SPE instruments.

As the chemical structures are unique and different from other commercial columns on the market, the new types of ChiralAM, ChiralCD, ChiralCE, ChiralAMCD, ChiralAMCE, and ChiralCECD columns can provide effective and better chiral recognition for a wide range of chiral compounds under multi-mode chromatographic conditions. Since the HLE series of universal SPE cartridges contain multiple functional groups, they can be conveniently used for high efficient extraction and fractionation of complicated samples. The novel UPE cartridges are idea choices for trace analysis when working with the PSPE instruments. The new automated platforms MFA and f- SPE allow users to easily achieve more precise results by reducing human errors and to greatly improve safety and efficiency through automatic sample preparations. Our products are widely used in many fields including analytical chemistry & biomedicine, animal study & human clinical trials, drug discovery & pharmaceutical industries, food & environmental analysis.

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