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 ChiralCE columns

for HPLC, SFC, and UPLC 


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Chiral separations become more and more important in many fields. The recent researches on chiral separation suggest that application of novel chiral stationary phases (CSPs) with high enantioselectivities in types of chromatography, including high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), supercritical fluid chromatography  (SFC), and ultra-high performance liquid chromatography (UPLC),   is one of the most efficient approaches for high-resolution chiral separations.

Basing on the latest researches and developments in the fields of chiral stationary phases and sample preparations, our business focuses on providing effective solutions for high-resolution chiral separations and high-throughput automatic sample preparations. At present, ChiralTek manufactures the following six series of novel chiral chromatography columns for HPLC, SFC, and UPLC: Amylose-immobilized ChiralAM columns, Cyclodextrin-immobilized ChiralCD columns, Cellulose-immobilized ChiralCE columns, Amylose-appended Cyclodextrin-immobilized ChiralAMCD columns, Amylose-appended Cellulose-immobilized ChiralAMCE columns, and Cellulose-appended Cyclodextrin-immobilized ChiralCECD columns. The ChiralAMCD, ChiralAMCE, and ChiralCECD columns are specially-designed chromatography columns which are firstly created and produced by ChiralTek via immobilizing proprietary complex chiral selectors containing two different chiral recognition moieties. ChiralTek is the pioneer in designing and producing the firs type of positive-pressure solid phase extraction PSPE instruments which can completely eliminate cross-over contaminations. We also manufacture a multiple functional analyzer MFA and a fully-automated sample preparation station f-SPE. A new type of ultra-high performance extraction UPE cartridge is recently produced by ChiralTek to conveniently achieve high-efficient sample treatments for complicated samples. A novel type of HLE series of universal SPE cartridges have been developed by ChiralTek for convenient and high-throughput sample preparations when worked with PSPE, MFA, f-SPE, or other automated SPE instruments.

As the chemical structures are unique and different from other commercial columns, the new types of ChiralAM, ChiralCD, ChiralCE, ChiralAMCD, ChiralAMCE, and ChiralCECD columns can provide effective and better chiral recognition for a wide range of chiral compounds under multi-mode chromatographic conditions. With those six series of chiral columns, we are able to provide coverage of up to 85% of chiral separations. When your existing chiral columns are not able to solve your problem, you may have a satisfactory solution with one of our chiral columns.

Since the HLE series of universal SPE cartridges contain multiple functional groups, they can be easily used for high efficient extraction of many types of complicated samples. The novel UPE cartridges contain very small volume of the packing materials possessing ultra-high sample capacity. Therefore, extremely small amount of organic solvents are needed to elute out and simultaneously concentrate the extracts from the UPE cartridges without extra evaporating or nitrogen drying procedure. This makes the UPE cartridges are idea choices for trace analysis of complicated samples when working with the novel PSPE extraction instruments.  

The PSPE is the first commercial no-cross-contamination SPE instrument which is suitable for trace analysis. MFA is a novel compact, versatile, and practical multiple functional analyzer. It can be easily configured and used as automated solvent distributor, feeder or sampler for chemical & biological reactors, natural product purifier, or automated SPE machine. The MFA can also be used as portable equipment for fieldworks when driven by an external uninterruptible power supply or 24-voltages storage battery. The f-SPE is a novel flexible and versatile platform for automatic sample preparations. It can be easily used as full-functional sample preparation station for automatic sample pre-treatments. The f-SPE can also be used as an autosampler for HPLC or MS system. When worked with ChiralTek HLE and UPE cartridges, the f-SPE instrument can be used to conveniently achieve high efficient extraction and automatic online injection to HPLC or LCMS for full-automatic analysis of complicated samples.

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